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2010: The scramble in Illinois

ILLINOIS: The New York Times looks at the scramble -- come November 2010 or earlier -- for the Senate seat currently occupied by Sen. Roland Burris. "The would-be contenders include Alexi Giannoulias, the state treasurer, who plays basketball with Mr. Obama… Other potential candidates are Representatives Mark Steven Kirk and Peter Roskam, Republicans from the Chicago suburbs who might benefit from the woes of the state's Democrats. And, according to 'a shocker' revealed in a Chicago Sun-Times gossip column late last week, yet another possible contender is William Daley, the brother of this city's mayor (and, perhaps less significantly around here, the commerce secretary in the Clinton administration)." 

Question: What happens if Team Obama's allegiances get split between those who are close to Alexi Giannoulias and Bill Daley?

PENNSYLVANIA: The AP looks at the latest tough spot for Arlen Specter – on the upcoming battle over the Employee Free Choice Act. "It is the latest tight spot for the 79-year-old Specter, a moderate who is used to being on the political rack, stretched between the wishes of an increasingly conservative party and an increasingly liberal state."