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Congress: Old McDonald had a farm...

"The House on Wednesday passed a $410 billion omnibus spending bill packed with pet projects requested by Democrats and Republicans alike," the New York Times reports. "The 245-to-178 vote came just a week after President Obama signed one of the largest spending bills in the nation's history, a $787 billion measure meant to rejuvenate a sluggish economy."

"Despite vows by President Obama to curtail earmarks," earmarks mark the latest congressional bill, the Boston Globe reports.  Across the country, there are more than 8,500, "totaling $7.7 billion -- up 3 percent from last year -- that were included in the $410 billion spending bill the House approved yesterday, according to the nonpartisan group Taxpayers for Common Sense. The House rejected a Republican bid to strip the earmarks out of the legislation, which is to fund government operations from early March through the end of September."

The New York Daily News plays the crazy-pork-barrel-project game. "There's $190,000 set aside in the House's version of the federal budget for bringing Cody, Wyo.'s Buffalo Bill Historical Center into the digital age" ... "$238,000 for educational programs at Honolulu's Polynesian Voyaging Society" ... "$24,000 for a sexual abstinence program." 
The New York Post salivates over them too with this headline: Congress' porky pols pig out on fine $wine: Big bucks for canoes and tattoos."

Meanwhile, a day after Dick Durbin told Burris he should think about resigning, Burris is staffing up and showing no indication he'll step down.