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First 100 days: Afghanistan and Iraq

Per a new Washington Post/ABC poll, two-thirds of Americans support President Obama's decision to send approximately 17,000 additional U.S. military forces to Afghanistan… Support for the proposed influx of troops to Afghanistan, however, comes as Americans are about evenly divided about whether the war there has proved to be worth its costs. They also split 50 to 41 percent on whether it is essential to win in Afghanistan to succeed in broader efforts against terrorism."

More: "A parallel, though less dramatic, shift over the past two years is a bump in the number who say that winning in Iraq is crucial to victory in the campaign against terrorism. On that question, 44 percent see a close linkage, the highest number since an overnight poll following Bush's speech announcing the Iraq strategy." Still, the poll finds that most believe the Iraq war has not been worth fighting. "Sixty percent in the new poll said the costs of that war have outweighed its benefits. That number is little changed from recent polls and has been the majority."

Gary Locke was named Obama's third pick for Commerce. Politico looks at his past. "Locke's post-gubernatorial efforts to drum up business for an array of companies in the rapidly expanding Chinese market may require steps to reconcile with the administration's ethics policy." Locke "has advocated for Microsoft, Starbucks, and banking, timber and shipping interests in recent years, raising potential conflicts for him as head of a department charged with promoting U.S. trade around the globe."

Bill Clinton on Obama's speech Tuesday night

And the Obamas appear to have chosen at least the breed of dog. They're looking for a Portuguese water dog.