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Joe the Plumber at CPAC

From NBC's Ashley Codianni
WASHINGTON -- In a one-on-one interview this morning with Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher here at the Conservative Political Action Committee, he told NBC News that he would consider runningĀ  for office after his son is finished with college. "I will consider in six years when my son is at Ohio State... It's a lot of work, and it's a very important job. And I would take it as serious as it is. It would be as a servant and not someone who feels entitled."

Video: Joe the Plumber at CPAC.

Wurzelbacher also was critical of current GOP leadership. "Personally, I don't see anybody as far as a leader in the Republican Party right now. They're afraid to say anything, they are more worried about being politically correct and their special interest groups. They are not worried about the American people. No way, no shape do I ever hear anything about that. They talk a good game, but I see no action."