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Newt Gingrich rises again

From NBC's Mark Murray
So who is the leader of the Republican Party? RNC chair Michael Steele? Senate leader Mitch McConnell? House leader John Boehner? Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who delivered last night's GOP response? Or what about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin?

In an upcoming New York Times magazine cover story, author Matt Bai writes that Newt Gingrich has become the GOP's go-to person when it comes to ideas. "[A]s Republicans on the Hill begin to awaken from a November beating that left them semiconscious, Gingrich finds himself, once again, at the zenith of influence in conservative Washington... Whatever else you think of Gingrich, he has always been considered a prospector in bold and counterintuitive thinking — floating ideas, throughout his career, that have ranged from giving every poor child a laptop to abolishing the entire concept of adolescence."