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GOP watch: Jindal's response

Covering the GOP response to Obama's speech, the Washington Post says that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal "defended the virtues of small government that he said even his own party had abandoned in recent years. 'Instead of trusting us to make decisions with our own money, they passed the largest government spending bill in history with a price tag of more than $1 trillion with interest,' he said of Democrats. 'Democratic leaders say their legislation will grow the economy. What it will do is grow the government, increase our taxes down the line and saddle future generations with debt.'"

"Speaking of Obama, Jindal said that 'we appreciate his message of hope, but sometimes it seems like we look for hope in different places. Democratic leaders in Washington, they place their hope in the federal government. We place our hope in you, the American people.'" 

Politico notes the criticism Jindal's speech received.

The Times-Picayune on its governor's performance: "Jindal's appearance represented the delayed star turn he was to have had at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota in early September. Because he was directing the state's emergency response to Hurricane Gustav, Jindal canceled plans for a featured speaking role at the convention." If Jindal runs in 2012, "Tuesday night's speech may be remembered as the occasion when the two first went head-to-head." On his delivery: "Jindal appeared a bit nervous at first as he attempted to deliver the speech in a friendly, folksy style."

More 2012 buzz, per the Boston Globe: "Jindal was eyed by John McCain's presidential campaign last year as a potential running mate, but took himself out of contention. He has since been a leading critic of McCain's campaign tactics, saying that the Arizona senator didn't offer enough positive ideas on the economy. That has encouraged many to see Jindal as a party savior and a promising presidential challenger in 2012."