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Congress: Durbin asks Burris to resign

The Senate's No.2 Democrat, Dick Durbin of Illinois, yesterday asked embattled Roland Burris to resign. "'I told him under the circumstances that I would consider resigning,' Durbin told reporters. 'He said he would not resign.'"

Video: Durbin says he urged Burris to step down, but Burris vowed to stay on. 

That said, the New York Times notes, "Senate Democrats appear resigned at the moment to his remaining in Congress. With a seat in Minnesota still tied up in court over a close election, Democrats benefit from Mr. Burris's vote. And he is hardly the first senator to remain in office under a cloud. Larry E. Craig, an Idaho Republican who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in a sex sting, served out his term before retiring last year." 

Hilda Solis was finally confirmed as Labor secretary yesterday. After several weeks' delay, she passed confirmation by an 80-17 vote.