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Jindal advertising to promote response

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal delivers tonight's response to President Obama's address to Congress.

And Jindal is advertising to promote it.

I came across an ad on YouTube that linked back to a Jindal response Web site "Paid for by Friends of Bobby Jindal." On the site, you can read about Jindal, donate or even log onto his Facebook page. (The response is also being promoted prominently on the front page of BobbyJindal.com.)

From the site: "You can receive early excerpts of the speech by signing up in the form to the right. Not only will you receive the early excerpts, but you will also be able to watch the speech on this page (www.bobbyjindal.com/sotu)."

Evan Tracey, who tracks advertising at TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG, tells First Read that the Jindal Web ads are low-cost (compared to TV or radio). About a few thousand dollars was spent on them, and they are running on sites to targeted demographics, particularly "the base and opinion leaders," Tracey said.

The ads highlight ambitiousness on one hand -- raising Jindal's profile two years out from re-election and three years from the presidential election -- as well as Web savviness on the other. The Republican Party has talked about getting younger and trying to make up ground with Obama on the tech front. This is at least one sign that Jindal is trying to show he recognizes that and is ahead of the curve.

Jindal's multi-million-dollar 2008 fundraising haul and his placement in response to Obama (and advertising to promote it) all suggest to political observers that the Louisiana governor has more than Louisiana governor in his sights.

*** UPDATE *** By the way, Jindal will not be at CPAC. "We get more invites than we can accept," writes Jindal's Press Secretary Kyl Plotkin.