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First 100 days: Divided over stimulus

AP's Fouhy writes that "leading Republicans used this weekend's meeting of the National Governors Association to lay out divergent views of President Obama's stimulus plan -- and competing visions of their party's future."

The Washington Post: "Leading Republican governors continued their sparring yesterday by offering divergent views of the recovery act, with Southern conservatives saying they would reject some stimulus funds and coastal moderates embracing Obama's plan. But governors of both political parties said in interviews yesterday that the Obama administration should give states flexibility to make smart investments in education, health care and transportation."

The New York Times on the geographical division inside the GOP: "The Republican governors' divide reflects their party's erosion to a mostly regional party that is based in the conservative South, after heavy election losses in the Northeast, Midwest and West. And with the party leaderless after losing control of both the White House and Congress in the past two election cycles, the split is colored by early maneuvering for conservatives' support among potential aspirants for the party's 2012 presidential nomination."

Obama at last night's White House dinner with the governors: "We are going through some tough times. I don't need to tell you… There are going to be some differences, both within your state and in the country, in terms of how we address these problems. Here's my assurance. I know that each and every one of you are making the decisions you make, and taking the positions that you take, based on what is best for your state. And not every state's the same, and each of you have to take into account the particular characteristics and demographics and culture and perspectives of your states and your parties. But I want you to know that regardless of our occasional difference, and in this very difficult time, my hope is that we can all work together. And I'm confident that we can."

On the Sunday shows, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said if other governors don't want to take the stimulus money, then, "Fine, give it to me," he said.

More stimulus politics… The DCCC ought to be happy with this story about a Republican Congressman representing a quasi-swing district having to explain his "no' vote on stimulus in Michigan.