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First 100 days: Tuesday's speech

Previewing Obama's address to Congress on Tuesday, the New York Times says Obama will "present a road map for 'how we get to a better day,' a senior adviser says… The appearance before a joint session of the Senate and the House offers an opportunity for Mr. Obama to reprise some themes and initiatives from his campaign that have been overshadowed by the economic emergency that has defined the first month of his presidency."

More: "The president is not planning to announce significant new policies, officials said, but intends to explain how his agenda can advance despite the deepening recession and monumental budget deficit. The address will be heavily weighted toward domestic priorities and the economy, aides said, and will offer only a brief look at foreign policy."

Here's a good primer, courtesy of the New Republic, regarding what Obama will say about health care in his budget.

"Obama hasn't waited for the evildoers' to make the first move," the New York Daily News writes. "Despite his widely debated plan to close the U.S. terrorist prison in Guantanamo Bay, Obama -- in far less publicized decisions -- has acted more hawkishly than the dovish candidate who was a hero to the left. In his first orders as commander in chief, Obama kicked Al Qaeda in the teeth with a series of missile strikes, set in motion a troop surge in Afghanistan and warned nuclear wanna-be North Korea. Once-skeptical intelligence officers now praise Obama for being 'a wolf in sheep's clothing.'"

And the Washington Post's Kessler sums up the first overseas trip for Secretary of State Clinton. "Clinton's willingness to speak frankly -- combined with an extensive effort to get beyond ministerial meetings in order to hold town hall meetings and conduct local television interviews in the countries she visits -- suggests she will put a distinctive personal stamp on the Obama administration's foreign policy. What is emerging is something less rigid, less cautious and more open."