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Burris to attend Obama address

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell

Sen. Roland Burris will be a much-watched face in the crowd tomorrow night as members of Congress welcome President Obama to deliver his primetime address.

When Burris returns Tuesday from what turned into a news-making, controversy-filled recess for the embattled Illinois senator, Hill sources say he plans to reach out to Senate leadership and colleagues in a quiet attempt to "smooth feathers" over his varied accounts of contacts with ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich prior to his appointment.

The Burris game plan is to press on and plead for "patience," despite calls for his resignation. Aides say he intends to make a few announcements about new senior staff positions being filled in his Senate office in coming days, and also to politically convey that he is "getting to work." 

Burris spent part of Saturday meeting with federal investigators in Chicago about the Blagojevich probe. Sources say Burris was told he is not a target.