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Downballot: Going and going and going

MINNESOTA: The latest, per the Star-Tribune: Pressing its case in the Senate election trial, Norm Coleman's campaign argued Thursday that some votes already tallied during the recount must be illegal, going by a ruling issued by the judges last week. It's a mess that only the court can fix, Coleman spokesman Ben Ginsberg said. 'There are more illegal votes in the current counts than in Al Franken's erstwhile [225-vote] lead, ... the margin in the race right now,' Ginsberg said after Thursday's proceedings."

Yesterday on Hardball, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty said this could take to the "summer or longer" and that there's "no end in sight." He said not having a senator "puts us at a disadvantage" because the big issues are being decided in Washington and Minnesota is lacking in representation. He didn't push for someone to be seated, however. And he went on to criticize the stimulus.