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Congress: Dem ethics problems

AP does a roundup of all the ethically challenged Democrats, included in the roundup is just one line about the mess involving Democratic Rep. Jack Murtha.   

And, of course, there's Roland Burris, who Politico writes "is embracing a strategy of riding out the storm." " 'There is no way' Roland Burris is going to resign from the Senate, and he will return to Washington to vote in the Senate next week, sources close to Burris told Politico. 'There is fight in him, fight in his team,' said one associate, requesting anonymity so he could speak candidly. 'He's not resigning … because he's done absolutely nothing wrong. What would be the message if he did [resign]?'" Just sayin,' but, who's all this "I will fight" and "done absolutely nothing wrong" business sound like?

The Boston Globe continues its series on Ted Kennedy with its sixth chapter.