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2009/2010: In trouble when…

ILLINOIS: It never is a good thing when members of your own party are troubled by your actions or omissions. The New York Times: "Several Democratic lawmakers from Illinois said Monday that they were troubled by revelations about Roland W. Burris, the state's newest senator and a fellow Democrat. And at least one called for Mr. Burris to come before the state legislature and explain himself. 'We all have a lot of questions,' State Representative Jack D. Franks said. 'He wasn't forthcoming, and that's the bottom line. I feel betrayed. The real problem here is the question of trust for the citizens of Illinois. We were supposed to rise to the occasion and, again, Illinois becomes the laughingstock for the nation.'"

More: "At a Presidents' Day dinner in Peoria, Mr. Burris again denied any wrongdoing. He said he had been treated unfairly by Republicans and by the news media. 'The media now is almost destroying my character,' Mr. Burris said." (Excuse us: Did the media force him to file an affidavit to amend previous testimony that now seems to be incorrect?) 

VIRGINIA: In Norfolk, VA, today, gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran (D) unveils the latest component of his health-care plan, which is focused on preventative care and reducing infant deaths.

Also today, Terry McAuliffe (D) hosts a grand opening at his statewide headquarters in McLean, VA -- tomorrow [We incorrectly noted earlier that it was today]. And Creigh Deeds (D) hosts a press conference in Richmond, responding to action on his legislation to reform Virginia's redistricting process.