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New poll: Obama's sky-high numbers

From NBC's Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro
Here are some more poll numbers on President Obama and the stimulus, courtesy of a new CNN survey (conducted Feb. 7-8, MOE +/- 3.5%):
-- 76% approve of the president's job
-- Obama's worst numbers seem to come from last week's Daschle news: 80% say Obama is doing a good job providing leadership for the country; 76% say he's doing a good job handling foreign policy; 72% say he's doing a good job handling the economy; 68% say he's doing a good job handling terrorism; and 61% say he's doing a good job choosing his cabinet
-- 60% approve the job congressional Democrats are performing, versus 44% who say the same of congressional Republicans
-- 74% say Obama is doing enough to cooperate with Republicans, while just 39% say the Republicans are doing enough to cooperate with Obama
-- 54% support the economic stimulus, versus 45% who oppose it

And how are Republicans framing this poll and the new Gallup one? Brad Dayspring, spokesman for House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, sends along the following: "The Gallup poll out this morning is a reminder that Americans want effective action on the economy. In fact, the poll reinforces EXACTLY what Republicans have been saying: (1) America wants an economic recovery package -- Republicans agree, which is why we have been promoting a smart, simple plan that is free of taxpayer funded waste, and allows middle-class families to spend more of their own money and small business owners to reinvest and create jobs...; (2) Americans don't like THIS stimulus package and believe it is the wrong approach -- Republicans overwhelmingly agree...; (3) Americans want to eliminate wasteful spending from an economic recovery package -- Republicans agree, and have tried to prevent congressional Democrats from wasting tax dollars on non-emergency spending...; (4) President Obama's message of change is very popular -- Republicans agree, which is which is why we have tried to work with him despite the roadblocks set up by Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Obey, and Sen. Reid."

Responding directly to the CNN poll, Dayspring adds, "President Obama is popular, we recognize that. Yet his approval is 20 points higher than approval of the stimulus bill."