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Gov. Crist to join Obama tomorrow

From NBC's Mark Murray

The White House just announced that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) -- once thought to be one of John McCain's VP possibilities -- will introduce President Obama at tomorrow's town hall in Fort Myers, FL.

The statement from Obama: "I look forward to traveling to Fort Myers tomorrow to talk to Floridians about how we get our nation's economy back on track. Gov. Crist and I have seen firsthand the toll that this economic crisis has taken on the American people, and we agree that we can't allow politics to get in the way of urgent relief for the millions of families and small businesses that need it."

Crist's statement: "Florida has taken prudent steps to cut taxes for our people and balance our budget in these increasingly difficult times. Any attempts at federal stimulus must prioritize job creation and targeted tax relief for small business owners. I am eager to welcome President Obama to the Sunshine State as he continues to work hard to reignite the US economy."