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The Dems' grassroots campaign

From NBC's Mark Murray
First Read got its hands on the email and video that Organizing for America -- the Obama campaign offshoot that's housed inside the Democratic National Committee -- is sending to the individuals who are hosting the 3,300 meetings across the country on the economic stimulus.

Here's the video from new DNC chairman Tim Kaine:


Here's the email:
"Governor Tim Kaine just recorded a video answering your questions about the President's economic recovery plan and how it will affect your community.

"Please show this video during your Economic Recovery House Meeting, then encourage your guests to ask their own questions and share their personal stories.

"Don't forget to gather stories and questions from your guests -- they will be featured on BarackObama.com to tell the story of the economic crisis, and our recovery.

"And if you haven't already, be sure to check out the House Meeting Host Guide for tips on how to collect stories and make your meeting a success.

"Thank you for being a part of this important event,

Organizing for America."