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The scene at HRC's swearing-in

From NBC's Andrea Mitchell and Libby Leist
Vice President Biden administered the oath of office to Hillary Clinton at a State Department ceremony -- and momentarily botched the oath by tripping over his words, but made a quick recovery (even though the crowd had chanted, "Get it right" before he even started).

The formal ceremony duplicated a private swearing-in in her Senate office after she was confirmed Jan. 22.

This time, her husband Bill, daughter Chelsea, and mother Dorothy Rodham jointly held the bible, as four previous secretaries of state (Baker, Kissinger, Eagleburger, Albright) and many Clinton supporters looked on.

As Clinton expressed her gratitude to her family members individually, she paused -- clearly searching for the right words to thank her husband. Grinning, she ended up thanking him for a life full of "all kinds of experiences." The crowd laughed, somewhat awkwardly.

Clinton also expressed surprise and wonder that she and Biden were in that circumstance -- Biden being VP, swearing her in as Secretary of State. "Life has a funny way of unfolding," she said.

Especially when it comes to politics.