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Life's been good to Tom Daschle

From NBC's Abby Livingston
Times have changed for former Sen. Tom Daschle.

Daschle has been thrown into the second fight for his political life with the revelation that he has unpaid taxes -- totaling more than $100,000 -- including those on a driver who chauffeured the Health and Human Services nominee for personal business.

His image, however, was very different a generation ago. According to Jon K. Lauck's 2007 book "Daschle vs. Thune," when Daschle was a member of the House of Representatives, his media advisor, Karl Struble was quoted, discussing an ad campaign when Daschle was a member of the House.

"Daschle driving around Washington in his old, smoke-belching Pontiac," Struble said. "No BMW for Daschle; he was an ordinary guy."