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Chuck's thoughts on Steele's victory

From NBC's Chuck Todd
The GOP averted a P.R. disaster after the race came down to Steele and Dawson. It was a pretty obvious choice: Pick the African American or the guy who had to quit an all-white country club. Had Dawson not had that negative mark on his resume, he would have won because he was a party insider. (Will this lead to him and other southern Republican politicians to end these country club restrictions? It's very retro in this day...)
As for Steele, he's got a lot of work to do. The big knock on him was that he wasn't an RNC insider and he's not the best organizer. His Senate campaign in 2006 was a lot of hot air, but he was simply crushed and he ran as a moderate at the time. Get used to a lot of sentences that end in "baby," Steele is fond of the word when he wants to showboat a tad in speeches. He certainly will be a better TV book than Duncan or Dawson would have been. And that does matter.
But Steele will be judged on mechanics more than optics. The issue for the GOP isn't finding a new face; it's finding a new political identity and catching up with the Democrats on the technological front. Steele may become a good spokesperson for the party -- the bar's kinda low right now as it stands. But can he raise the real money and put in place the grassroots tools necessary to make the party competitive?
By the way, while Steele's an outsider to the RNC, he's not exactly a Washington outsider. He was born and raised in the DC area and has hob-nobbed plenty with the powers that be in the GOP. So it won't be the culture shock to the GOP leadership that, for instance, an Anuzis or Dawson election would have been since neither were DC guys.