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From NBC's Domenico Montanaro and Mark Murray
After the second round of voting, the race to be RNC chairman is all tied up.

Mike Duncan, who was leading after round one with 52 votes, lost four. Michael Steele gained two, as both are now tied with 48 each.

Katon Dawson moves up one to 29; Anuzis picked up two to go to 24 and Blackwell lost one to go to 19.

This is a "heated race," Duncan spokesman Chris Taylor told First Read. It's"  neck and neck," he added, calling it "organic." He said the race is "expected to go up and down.

"Losing four votes is tough," Taylor said, but "Blackwell continues to go down." So, "that 's 19 votes we can pick up."

*** UPDATE *** That said, a Steele spokesman told First Read that the results for Duncan -- getting less than a third of the initial vote and losing four votes in the second round -- puts the incumbent chairman in a perilous situation.

The next round of voting -- will Blackwell drop out or lose more support -- is shaping up to be pivotal.