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2009/2010: Paterson takes a hit

FLORIDA: Apparently former New Hampshire Republican Sen. Bob Smith is thinking about running for Mel Martinez's vacated seat in Florida, the New Hampshire Union-Leader reports. "'I have NOT made a decision to run for this seat,' Smith emailed 'Friends,' some of whom are in the Granite State, this week. 'The purpose of this letter is to simply ask for your opinion as to whether I should be a candidate. If I were to become the next Senator from Florida, the 18 years of seniority from my service in New Hampshire would make me one of the most senior Republicans in the U.S. Senate. This could be very helpful to Florida….'"

NEW YORK: New York Gov. David Paterson has taken a hit for his handling of the Hillary Clinton Senate seat replacement. A Siena poll finds Paterson with his highest disapproval rating since he's taken office. His numbers: 54% approve, 30% disapprove. That 30% is seven points higher than it was a week ago.

"In office only since Tuesday, Gillibrand has already booked a Hillary Clinton-sized 'listening tour' this weekend, taking her from Buffalo to Brooklyn -- with a fund-raiser, two round tables and meetings with at least four ethnic groups sprinkled in along the way."