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Holder passes committee vote

From NBC's Pete Williams and Ken Strickland
The Senate Judiciary Committee today voted in favor of Eric Holder's nomination for attorney general.

The vote was 17-2. The "no" votes were both Republicans, John Cornyn of Texas (who is also the National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman) and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

Video: The Senate Judiciary Committee has endorsed Eric Holder for Attorney General and will send his nomination to the Senate for a vote.

So the obvious next question is "when is the final vote before the full Senate?" And the unfortunate, yet realistic answer is "unclear."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would like to call for the vote ASAP, but if any single senator objects to an immediate vote -- as Democrats suspect a Republican will -- it delays the process by at least a day or two.

As was the case earlier with Tim Geithner and Hillary Clinton, Republicans who don't serve on the relevant committees will say they want time to review nominees' qualifications and time for hearty debate on the floor.

So the best guidance is this: Reid is hopeful the final vote will can be held some time this week. At this point, the exact timing depends on cooperation from Republicans.