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Reid camp pushes back on NRSC ad

From NBC's Mark Murray
Earlier today, we reported on a new TV ad that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is airing against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada. (As the Washington Post's Cillizza notes, the ad's buy is limited to cable stations in Reno.)

Reid spokesman Jon Summers fires back at one of the ad's arguments -- that the Senate leader voted for the controversial $700 billion financial bailout, despite the Democrats running TV ads against it -- noting that several Senate Republicans voted for the bailout, including GOP presidential nominee John McCain, GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell, new NRSC chairman John Cornyn, and outgoing NRSC chairman John Ensign.

"The country is in the worst economic condition since the Great Depression and Sen. Reid is working with Republicans to rebuild Nevada and the nation," Summers said. "However, it appears some would rather shout insults and throw stones."

Summers continues, "Voters sent a very clear message in November: they are tired of bickering and they want change that will make a difference to their lives. Unfortunately, Republicans are choosing to ignore that message. Nevadans know that Sen. Reid works hard for them and delivers results."