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Blago watch: Listening to the tapes

The Chicago Tribune writes up yesterday's action in the impeachment trial. Blagojevich's "voice resonated through the Illinois Senate at his impeachment trial Tuesday in the first tantalizing airing of the undercover recordings that triggered his arrest on federal corruption charges. But the snippets of bugged phone calls cut both ways for House prosecutors trying to boost their case for removing the governor by using his own words against him. Some senators said the recordings strengthened their resolve against the two-term Democrat, but several others said the meaning was ambiguous and left them with new doubts about the criminal charges at the heart of the impeachment effort."

The paper also covers the latest in Blago's media tour. "In a FOX radio interview, Blagojevich remained true to his style of comparing himself to iconic figures, likening his battles with the state legislators to the fights President Franklin D. Roosevelt had with Congress over helping England in World War II. Blagojevich acknowledged on MSNBC that he soon would have to 'find some employment,' but also compared himself to the 'hundreds of thousands of people across America who, unfortunately, are losing their jobs because this economy is so bad.' Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan lashed out at Blagojevich for 'making a mockery of the constitution' by failing to participate in his impeachment trial. She predicted that the governor could be out of office by Thursday."