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GOP future: Horse-trading tactics

So this is what it used to be like in the old days of conventions? "As RNC members arrive in Washington before Wednesday's winter meeting begins, candidates hoping to win the chairmanship have resorted to horse-trading tactics to bring in the votes. The next party chairman will be selected Friday with a simple majority," The Hill's Reid Wilson reports. "In interviews with The Hill, several committee members said former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and current RNC Chairman Robert "Mike" Duncan have put together deals in some form or other. Duncan has been the most aggressive in doling out favors, according to several sources. He has already pledged to put staffers in each state, and surrogates have been handing out money at fortuitous times, the sources said. Duncan's aides deny that money has been offered. They said the chairman has only discussed how much it would cost to place a staffer in each state as part of Duncan's 'Partnership 2010,' which would send one staffer to each state in an effort to duplicate Democrats' 50-state strategy."

Channeling Friday's First Read, The Hill and Roll Call point out that the GOP now seems to have an opportunity in New York.