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Blago watch: Trial vs. The View

The Chicago Tribune covers the first day of Blagojevich's impeachment trial, which provided two very different scenes. "The lead prosecutor in Illinois' historic impeachment trial urged the state Senate on Monday to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office for crimes against the public while the governor spent the day in New York, lashing out at his accusers on national television."

"The solemnity of the political trial within the ornate state Senate chamber contrasted with a TV appearance in which talk-show co-host Joy Behar mussed Blagojevich's hair and unsuccessfully urged the governor to do a Richard Nixon impression saying, 'I am not a crook.'"

The Washington Post's Milbank snarks, "Rod Blagojevich may be about to lose the 'gov' before his name, but the man's entertainment skills are unimpeachable."

Blago also spoke with Larry King. "King noted that some of the comments from the federal wiretaps sounded 'bad. 'Oh, of course it sounds bad,' Blagojevich said. 'But think about some of the private conversations you might have on the telephone. .... You can take all kinds of things out of context.'"