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Downballot: Slow start in Minn.

MINNESOTA: "The trial to determine Minnesota's disputed U.S. Senate election got off to a slow start Monday -- and then bogged down," the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. "The trouble came over testimony that workers for Republican Norm Coleman's campaign had marked or obscured copies of some absentee ballot envelopes offered as evidence. The acknowledgment provoked confusion and prompted the judges to demand the original documents."

"On that note, the first day of the trial abruptly halted, leaving the second's agenda something of a mystery. That turn promised to prolong a trial that Coleman lawyer Joe Friedberg predicted in his opening statement would be 'extremely tedious' and involve the examination of 5,000 ballots, one at a time."

NEW YORK: Mayor Bloomberg lashed out at Paterson's office for its handling of Caroline Kennedy. "I thought that the stuff that I saw in the papers was totally inappropriate," he said, per the New York Daily News. "It's as good an example of cheap dirty politics as you could ever find, and I thought it was reprehensible. I have no idea where it came from, and no, I don't know her personal life well enough to know whether there's anything there whatsoever."