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Congress: Maverick McCain is back

The Washington Post says that the Maverick McCain is back. "The surest sign of McCain's return to his 'maverick' ways came when he caught wind of an effort by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) to delay Clinton's confirmation vote by a day, pushing it from Tuesday to Wednesday because he was seeking greater disclosure about foreign donors to former president Bill Clinton's charitable foundation. McCain found the objection gratuitous -- despite policy disagreements with Clinton, he and most Republicans consider her well qualified -- and said so publicly."

Roll Call previews McConnell's speech at the National Press Club. "In the first major policy speech by a Republican leader since Obama was sworn in -- and McConnell's first at the Press Club since he laid out his party's position on campaign finance reform in 1997 -- the Senate Minority Leader will address the broad themes of Obama's inaugural speech. One source familiar with its language said the speech will focus "on the post-partisan dynamic" and on avoiding the partisan posturing that has been a hallmark of the House and Senate over much of the past decade." The speech was apparently drafted with House Minority leader John Boehner, "and it will focus largely on policy issues McConnell believes can be addressed in a bipartisan manner, with an emphasis on entitlement reform… Boehner will give the Republicans' Saturday radio response to Obama's first radio address to the nation, according to GOP aides."