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GOP opposition to Geithner's nomination

From NBC's Ken Strickland
At least two -- maybe three -- Senate Republican on the Senate Finance Committee have said they will NOT support Tim Geithner's nomination for Treasury Secretary. The comments were made moments ago in a committee meeting where they will later vote on the nomination.   

Sens. Jon Kyl and Jim Bunning's announcements do not come as a surprise since they've been very critical Geithner for his failure to pay taxes and his involvement in the current financial crisis.

Kyl, who gave Geithner the most intense grilling during his confirmation hearing yesterday, said the tax issues was NOT a disqualifying factor, but argued that his lack of candor was. At one point in the hearing yesterday, Kyl scolded Geithner saying, "would you answer my question rather than dancing around it PLEASE."

Bunning also took issue with tax matter, but seemed equally disturbed by Geithner's role in the current money crisis. The nominee currently serves at the president of the New York Federal Reserve. Bunning said Geithner introduced "weapons of financial destruction."

Another Republican, Mike Enzi, also expressed doubts about supporting Geithner today saying, "I'm not sure he's the right man for the job." Enzi said he was surprised the committee was even voting on Geithner, saying that other nominees had withdrawn from consideration for lesser tax problems.

However, GOP Sens. Hatch, Roberts, and Cornyn said they will support Geithner's nomination. No panel Democrats have expressed opposition so far. The expectation is still that Geithner will confirmed by the committee after the current debate.