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Breaking down the TARP vote

From NBC's Ken Strickland and Mark Murray
The vote to release the TARP funding was pretty much along party lines, with most Democrats voting to release the funding. Below a list of the exceptions.

Nine Democrats voted NOT to relesee the funds: Bayh (IN), Cantwell (WA), Dorgan (ND), Feingold (WI), Lincoln (AR), Ben Nelson (NE), Shaheen (NH), Sanders (VT), Wyden (OR).

Six Republicans voted to release the money: Alexander (TN), Gregg (NH), Kyl (AZ), Lugar (IN), Snowe (ME), Voinovich (OH).

Those above up for re-election in 2010: Bayh, Lincoln, Dorgan, Feingold, Wyden, and Gregg.

There were some interesting splits. The Republican senators from Maine, Arizona, and Tennessee split (one vote for, the other against). Meanwhile, Democrats from Oregon, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Washington, and North Dakota split. (Vermont split sort of, but Sanders is an independent.)

Reverse state splits: The Democrat from Indiana (Bayh) voted against Obama, but the Republican (Lugar) voted with him. And the Democrat from New Hampshire (Shaheen) voted against Obama; the Republican (Gregg) voted with him.