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One city, two White Houses?

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
For weeks, President-elect Obama and his transition staff have repeatedly invoked the "one president at a time" mantra in avoiding public commentary on unfolding global issues like the situation in Gaza.

So naturally, now that Obama and his family are taking up residence at a Washington D.C. hotel and scheduling high profile meetings on the Hill, one of the first questions asked of White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe this morning was how President Bush feels about having "a parallel administration" operating across the street.

Johndroe laughed off the question, and pointed out that Obama will join Bush and every other living former president at the White House on Wednesday for a luncheon.  In other words, they needn't simply wave at each other from opposite sides of Lafayette Park.

Johndroe later went on to point out that just after the election, Bush authorized classified briefings to be given to Obama - the same briefings provided every morning to the sitting president.