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Coleman wants more ballots reviewed

From NBC's Abby Livingston
The Coleman camp is now asking for a review of an additional 654 absentee ballots they think have been wrongfully rejected. This number is separate from the 1,346 ballots local officials previously determined as wrongfully rejected. 

Of those 1,346, the Coleman camp believes that just 750 were wrongfully rejected, including some Franken ballots.

The Coleman campaign is also holding out hope for their duplicate ballot-counting complaint. Tony Trimble, a Coleman attorney, predicted that if such an examination were to take place Coleman would lose only 10 to 12 votes, while Franken would lose 110 to 120 votes, and in effect, the unofficial lead, which the Franken camp claims is 46 votes.

After the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the Coleman campaign held a contentious meeting with the Franken campaign this morning, the Coleman camp put reporters on notice on an afternoon conference call.

They accused the Franken campaign of "hypocrisy," of being "difficult" and "not credible," of "kicking and screaming," of lacking "good faith," and warned reporters to "be wary" of their recount rival campaign, which "no longer cares about accuracy." 

Yet, they said they looked forward to future "amiable" meetings with the Franken camp. 

NBC's Carrie Dann adds the four reasons that absentee ballots could be properly rejected:  
1) Voter name and address on the envelope don't match the voter's absentee ballot application.
2) Voter's signature on the return envelope doesn't match the signature on the absentee ballot appliaction
3) Voter is not properly registered to vote in the designated precinct.
4) Voter had already voted in person or by absentee vote.