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NY press not so sweet on Caroline

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Caroline Kennedy did interviews with the Big Three New York newspapers over the weekend as well as a cable news interview Friday. But the stories and reaction to them didn't exactly paint her in the best light.

The New York Daily News describes her as "defiant;" The New York Post writes that Obama's encouraging her, includes that she "all but acknowledged that she used drugs decades ago" and lays out a Q&A before writing a story on her Martha's Vineyard estate and estimates that her fortune could be as much as $400 million; the New York Times in its headline described her as "forceful but elusive."

Kennedy did an interview with local cable news channel NY1 and said her Kennedy name may have actually kept her from running in the past. "If my last name was not Kennedy, maybe I would have run for office a long time ago," Kennedy said. On having a sense of entitlement: "It's not a way I've ever lived my life. … I can tell you in our family, in particular, there is a sense we have to work twice as hard," she said. And on her voting record: "I was dismayed by my voting record," she said. She also said that if she's not appointed, she won't run against Paterson's appointee in 2010.

In reaction to Kennedy's media rollout, the New York Daily News' Goodwin takes out the sledgehammer. Under a headline that reads: "Say goodnight, Caroline: How JFK's daughter flubbed the audition to become the next Senator Kennedy," the woefully unimpressed Goodwin writes, "That truth is that Kennedy is not ready for the job and doesn't deserve it. Somebody who loves her should tell her."

He goes so far as to call her "quest" a "cringe-inducing experience" and that "her mini-campaign has proved she has little to offer New Yorkers except her name."

Welcome to New York -- politics.