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Spelling out a Senate seat

From NBC's Carrie Dann and msnbc.com's Tom Curry
If you're an Illinois lawmaker hoping for an appointment to fill Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat, a few things might help to get Gov. Rod Blagojevich on your side. Offer some positive publicity for the unpopular governor, perhaps, and maybe be open to the possibility of a full-term run in 2010.
Another thing that might be helpful: Spell his name right.
Per a press release from the office of Rep. Danny Davis, an African-American congressman considered one of the front-runners for the appointment, Illinois supporters will be holding an event today to "announce their support and urge Governor Blagojavich to appoint Congressman Danny K. Davis to replace President-Elect Obama as U. S. Senator."
The correct spelling is Blagojevich.