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Bobby Jindal's Saturday in Iowa

From NBC's Mark Murray
Here's a wrap of the coverage that Bobby Jindal's visit to Iowa on Saturday received:

-- The Des Moines Register: "After two years of a non-stop political campaign, if anyone came to hear a political speech, 'you might want to consider getting involved in some kind of recovery program,' Jindal joked during a speech at the Sheraton Hotel in West Des Moines. Instead, Jindal focused on culture and family during a speech to an audience of 800 at a fundraiser for the socially conservative Iowa Family Policy Center. 'It all starts with family and builds outward from there,' said the first-term Jindal, who was making his first visit to Iowa. 'As a parent, I'm acutely aware of the overall coarsening of our culture in many ways.'"

-- The AP: "He said Americans need a break from politics, but more importantly, 'it is time for us to work together on solutions.' And, he said that means it's time to get behind the newly elected Congress and president-elect Barack Obama to overcome the country's 'substantial challenges.' 'Whether you voted for him or not, whether you supported the new leaders of Congress or not, they're our president, they're our Congress, they need our prayers, they need our support,' he said."

-- The New Orleans Times-Picayune: "Rather than emphasizing traditional themes that motivate social conservatives, such as opposition to abortion and gay marriage, Jindal talked about his efforts as governor to impose harsher penalties on child sex offenders and his efforts as a parent to keep his young children shielded from the coarser elements of modern culture. 'The success of America and the realization of the American dream relies on a common sense of culture,' he said."