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Ads take aim at Martin on crime

From NBC's Chuck Todd and Abby Livingston
In the Georgia U.S. Senate runoff, the NRSC and a conservative interest group want to take a bite out of Democrat Jim Martin.

In a throwback to how Republicans regularly targeted suburban voters,   Freedom's Watch, a 501 (c)(4) group, and the NRSC have launched ads fingering Martin as weak on crime as a state legislator.

In the Freedom's Watch ad, called "Family Safety," a woman's voice over says, "Nothing's more important than your family's safety. That's why we have laws to protect them from harm."

Inter-spliced are images of children at an ice cream truck and being tucked into bed a la 3 a.m.

The ad then cuts to dramatic music and grainy images of Martin and accuses him of voting against stiffer penalties for drunk drivers and tougher sentences for domestic abuse.

The voiceover then declares, "Two chances to keep your family safer. Jim Martin was wrong on both. Tell him to support tough on crime policies."

The NRSC ad asks, "Will the real Jim Martin please stand up?" and then charges Martin with a litany of flimsy votes on crime. Among the accusations: that Martin voted against the prevention of child prostitution and the solicitation of drugs near schools.

Freedom's Watch funded pro-GOP ads in other Congressional races previously in the 2008 cycle and did a 2007 media blitz in support of the Bush administration's Iraq war policies.