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Mukasey tests negative for stroke

From NBC's Pete Williams
Attorney General Michael Mukasey has been released from the hospital, about 12 hours after he was admitted for observation last night following his collapse during a speech.

A Justice Department spokeswoman says Mukasey apparently fainted last night.  She said a series of tests this morning found no sign of a stroke or anything heart-related.

She said all the tests were negative for stroke. He had a clear MRI and normal CT scan, and doctors have ruled out a mini-stroke or TIA. He had a normal stress test as well.  His doctors say he's in good shape and "beat the machine." They also said he had a stress echo cardiogram which was normal.

*** UPDATE *** NBC's Mike Kosnar reports the following is an internal email apparently just sent by Mukasey to DOJ staff:

To all DOJ employees:

Dear Colleagues,
As you may have heard, I collapsed briefly last night at the conclusion of a speech. All tests at the hospital have come back with good results, and I feel fine.

Accordingly, I plan to report to the Department this afternoon and to continue doing the work I swore to do last November and which it has been an honor to do with you ever since.

Thank you for your good wishes and your good work. It has been and remains an honor to serve with you.