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GOP's future: Back to the small screen

"Fred Thompson is going back to the small screen after his foray into Republican presidential politics over the last year. He campaigned heavily for eventual nominee John McCain, and had recently tried to gain support to be in charge of the Republican National Committee. But his former finance chairman, B.C. 'Scooter' Clippard, said Thompson told him Wednesday that he was returning to acting and dropping his RNC bid. 'He seriously considered it, but he called and said that it was not in the cards,' Clippard said."

In his latest National Journal column, political analyst Charlie Cook notes that the Republican Party is now supported by just two pillars: social conservatism and tax cuts -- at any cost. "One might think that with all of the extra time on their hands Republicans would spend some of it thinking about what their inadvertent or misguided repositioning has reaped. Certainly, there are brilliant Republican strategists who are painfully aware of what has happened—and predicted it. But from most Republican leaders we are hearing shopworn shibboleths like, "We lost because we weren't conservative enough." If that mind-set prevails, the only way for Republicans to regain real power will be to wait until Democrats completely implode and to hope that Republicans can win at that point simply because they aren't Democrats."