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GOP future: The new 'Pottery barn' rule

At the Republican Governors Association conference last week, Tommy Franks "appeared to be the only one who wanted to take responsibility for either war, even obliquely," the Boston Globe says. "The others who gathered in Miami seemed to relish the new freedom they inherited along with their party's devastating losses earlier this month: with President Bush and losing candidate John McCain drifting off the scene, Republicans no longer have to be the party of unpopular and seemingly unending conflicts abroad. Those are now Democratic responsibilities, one Bush ally noted with some satisfaction, hinting at a corollary to the 'Pottery Barn rule' about postwar responsibility: Republicans may have broken Iraq, but President-elect Barack Obama bought it."

The Boston Globe on Romney's New York Times op-ed from yesterday. "Leading up to the Michigan presidential primary, Mitt Romney cast himself as the savior of the beleaguered auto industry and jumped all over rival John McCain when he gave some 'straight talk' that 'some of the jobs that have left the state of Michigan are not coming back.' … Fast-forward 11 months, and Romney is speaking out against a federal bailout of the auto industry."

Huckabee acknowledged "an envy" at how Sarah Palin was able to "leapfrog the process." "I'm not frustrated by it," he said. "It's not a resentment on her part. It's an envy."

Newt Gingrich co-writes a Wall Street Journal op-ed agreeing with Obama that America needs a middle-class tax-cut; he just does't believe in Obama's plan.