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On cars, finger pointing

From NBC's John Yang
The White House has fired back in the pre-emptive blame game if one of the Big Three car companies files for bankruptcy in the next two months or so, while Congress is out.

Press Secretary Dana Perino says the administration backs the proposal by Sens. Kit Bond of Missouri and George Voinovich of Ohio to allow automakers to use the $25 billion in loans in the energy bill -- intended to pay for retooling to make energy efficient cars -- for day-to-day operations. Their proposal also has language requiring the companies to show evidence of future viability as a condition of getting the money.

Perino says that if Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid does not allow a vote on Bond-Voinovich and fails to pass Democratic legislation that would use TARP money for the carmakers, "Congress will bear responsibility for anything that will happen ... during their long vacation."