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2009 and 2010: Corzine and McCain

A new Quinnipiac poll for New Jersey governor (one of the two gubernatorial races of 2009; the other is in Virginia), shows Corzine with a net-negative job approval rating (43%-46%), but he leads his most likely GOP foe, outgoing U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, 42%-36%. Also, with Corzine as a candidate for Treasury Secretary, the pollsters asked if he should go to DC. A majority said no; then again, a majority also say he doesn't deserve re-election. Does Corzine, himself want out, as his re-election bid is going to be VERY difficult no matter how much money he spends?

Meanwhile, McCain is setting up a PAC, which some are seeing as a first step for McCain in running for re-election in 2010.

And/but sources tell Roll Call that McCain has made clear his intention to run for re-election when his Senate term is up in 2010. "McCain, 72, announced the decision during a meeting Tuesday evening with top ally Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), advisers Rick Davis, Charlie Black, Carla Eudy and other aides."