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About those Clinton library donors

From NBC's Mark Murray
Politico's Ben Smith reports that the current focus of the Obama-Clinton negotiations over Bill Clinton's foundation and presidential library is looking forward --not necessarily vetting the past.

Still, it's worth remembering that during the primary season, Obama called for the disclosure of presidential library donors. Consider this exchange from the MSNBC debate at Dartmouth in September 2007:

RUSSERT: In light of that, do you believe that the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton library should publish all the donors who give contributions to those two entities?
CLINTON: Well, Tim, I actually co-sponsored legislation that would have sitting presidents reveal any donation to their presidential library, and I think that's a good policy.
RUSSERT: And the foundation?
CLINTON: Well, it would be the same, because that's where the library comes from.
RUSSERT: Until such legislation, would they voluntarily, the Clinton library and Clinton Foundation, make their donors public?
CLINTON: Well, you'll have to ask them.
RUSSERT: What's your recommendation?
CLINTON: Well, I don't talk about my private conversations with my husband, but I'm sure he'd be happy to consider that.
RUSSERT: Is there anyone here who doesn't believe that presidential libraries and presidential foundations should make public all their donors?
OBAMA: I just want to amplify on this issue. Because I think it's important not only that all this information is disclosed, but I also think that we need to have a situation in which we are disclosing the funneling of large donors.
And that is something that we were able to successfully do. I pushed it with Russ Feingold to make sure that large funnelers who were lobbyists were disclosed.
We are now in the process of presenting a bill where any large bundler has to disclose who they're bundling money from and who are they funneling it to. And I think that should be passed right away.