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Franken camp inquires about absentees

From NBC's Abby Livingston
There is a new development in the photo finish that is the Minnesota U.S. Senate race.

Today, the Franken campaign filed a brief with the Minnesota State Canvassing Board to learn why some absentee ballots were rejected and to determine if any of those rejections were improper. 

The campaign cited various reasons oversights might have occurred with absentee ballots, including human error and various technicalities.
Franken spokesman Andy Barr also quoted an audit observation project coordinator for the Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota who said the voting machines were 99.9% accurate. If that is true, the remaining 0.1 percentage point margin of error would be about 15 times more than the 206 votes that separate Franken and Coleman.
The recount for all the ballots will begin on Wednesday.