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Kennedy returns to Capitol Hill

From NBC's Ken Strickland and Domenico Montanaro
Sen. Ted Kennedy returned to Capitol Hill today and briefly took questions. Kennedy, who is pushing his health-care reform plan, said he felt fine. The Massachusetts senator said he is confident President-elect Obama will take up health care as one of his priorities, though he recognized that the economy will be a pressing issue for the 44th president.

The Massachusetts senator is expected back tomorrow for leadership votes and may meet later in the week with other Senators to talk health-care reform.

NOTES: Kennedy's return today is exactly six months after he had his first seizure. … Kennedy walks with a cane that belonged to his father and is the same cane he used after the 1964 plane crash. Kennedy has also, in the past, loaned the cane out to other Senate colleagues like Chris Dodd and John Warner.