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Hillary raises money for Franken

From NBC's Chuck Todd and Mark Murray
Hillary Clinton, though her HillPAC, has sent a solicitation to supporters asking them to donate money to Al Franken during the recount in Minnesota's Senate race. "The Franken campaign is working hard to make sure every vote is counted -- but they need our help," she writes. "Al Franken needs to keep his campaign active to stop the Republican attacks and make Minnesotans' voices are heard."

Interestingly, Clinton has done this for Franken, but not for Jim Martin in his December 2 run-off in Georgia. Why? Here's maybe one reason: Clinton ad-maker Mandy Grunwald is working for Franken.

It's also worth noting that Clinton has already made a political investment into the race -- by cutting a TV for Franken, as well as campaigning for him in Minnesota.