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Perry praises Palin

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
MIAMI -- So what's the problem with the party? Rick Perry says it's that these Washington-types in the GOP have lost their way.

He praised Palin.  "We saw the impact" Palin had "when she joined the national ticket."

She represented the working man, Perry said.

"And Sarah, I want to say to you," he began, "I would rather be addressing you as vice-president-elect, but I am proud to call you my friend and proud to have you on our team. Thank you for the work you did."

He continued, "If we ever want to reclaim the majority, Republican governors must reclaim the restoration effort, and it begins now."

Perry earlier also praised Jindal for his leadership during Hurricane Gustav. Perry was at least the third to say so here.

Perry also had this for Obama: "We may have elected a president based on some pretty prose, but we all know it takes more than pretty words to govern."

Perry also announced that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will chair the annual RGA gala, the biggest fundraiser of the year.