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Obama's State, Defense transition teams

From NBC's Libby Leist and Courtney Kube
Barack Obama's transition teams for two key agencies -- the Departments of State and Defense -- are getting geared up to start work, but officials at both departments say that they are still awaiting details from the office of the President-elect.

State Department officials said today they are still awaiting word from the Obama camp about when their transition team will begin work at the State Department. No one has arrived yet to work in the office space on the first floor, State Department transition coordinator Pat Kennedy told NBC. Spokesman Robert Wood told reporters at today's daily briefing that the new Obama staff is expected to move into the building "soon."

Across the river, Pentagon spokesperson Bryan Whitman says that the Obama transition office has not yet notified the Department about who will be part of the DOD transition team -- despite yesterday's press release from the Obama Transition office listing John White and Michele Flournoy as the team leaders.

Whitman said that the Obama transition office would notify the Pentagon about the DOD team in writing, including a full list of names of those on the team.  He could not say whether any Obama Transition team members might visit the Pentagon today to see the new office spaces.