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That's one heckuva parting gift

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
MIAMI -- Sonny Perdue said the Republican Governors Association had more private meetings than usual and called it "workman-like."

Then Perdue introduced outgoing Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt and handed him, as a parting gift of sorts… a shotgun -- on behalf of the RGA.

"I'm not nearly the shot Sonny Perdue is," Blunt said. "I'll always remember the RGA, when I have the opportunity to see it and use it."

Perdue also introduced Texas Gov. Rick Perry. After calling him a "beautiful man," he handed him … a shotgun.

After Perry thanked Perdue for the gift, he said, "With how the new administration is going to treat the Second Amendment, let's just keep that a secret between me and you, all right?"

No word on how the governors will get their guns on their airplanes home.