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Unbuilding 2008: More exit-pollery

LATE BLOOMERS: Remember how some kept repeating the mantra that undecideds would break 70-30 for McCain? Among those who decided in the two weeks leading up to the election, they broke right down the middle, 48% for Obama, 48% for McCain.

FIRST-TIMERS: The ratio of first-time voters to repeats was actually identical to the 2004 split. Eleven percent of the electorate voted for the first time in both the '04 and '08 contests. Here's the jaw-dropper, though: First-time voters went almost 70%-30% for Obama in this election, compared with a 53%-46% split for Kerry.

The AP looks at how early voting and same-day registration tipped the balance for Obama in North Carolina.

GEORGIA ON THEIR MINDS: Thirteen percent of Jim Martin's voters were first-time voters (versus 6% for Chambliss). Another weird quirk of the race: Democrat Martin actually LOST among voters who are worried about the economy, but won among those who aren't worried about it.  Nationally, that trend was reversed for Obama.

VETERANS DAY: John Kerry, a Vietnam vet who became an outspoken critic of the war, lost the veterans vote by a margin of 57%-41%. Obama, who never served, closed that margin against former POW John McCain, only losing by 10 points among vets.

ABOUT YOUR BERETTA: Barack Obama made gains over John Kerry among many target groups: Jewish voters, born-again Christians, veterans, and working women.  One place where the red and blue margins were static: gun owners.  The same percentage of gun owners supported Kerry in 2004 and Obama in 2008.